Blogging Course

Niamh Griffin has been blogging since 2006, and her current blog dates to 2010. She’s seen blogging go from a weird little niche-thing to something everyone wants to have a go at. Whether you want to keep a blog to chat with friends or use it to launch a new career, she can answer your questions and guide you through the process. Time to untangle the jargon and get blogging!

Start Date: you can sign up for and start this course any time. Once you have signed up/paid for the course, your tutor will email you the first module within three days.

Price: €95

Duration: four weeks

Week 1
Setting up your blog, choosing a platform and how to tweak an existing blog to update it.

Week 2
Content is King. How to write scintillating posts which grab attention and get your blog heard above the crowd.

Week 3
Multimedia in your blog. It’s not enough to write well anymore, you need video, images and a whole bag of tricks to promote your blog.

Week 4
Making money and starting a blogging career. It takes work but a few small tips can start you on the earning pathway or improve what you are already doing. And how to keep it all taxman-friendly.

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