Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Course

Oisín McGann works full time as an author and illustrator. Oisin is a winner of the European Science Fiction Society Award and has published eleven novels.

Next start date: 15th February 2022 – 1 place remaining

Price: €150

Places are strictly limited to 10 – early booking advisable.

In this science fiction and fantasy writing course, there will be three elements in every module:
• Writing Stages
• Story Elements
• Exercises

Each module contains weekly exercises and Oisin will provide written feedback on the exercises.

This is a course about how to tell a story about something that isn’t real, and how to make that believable.

Module 1
• Writing Stage: Planning Your Story. Coming up with ideas, shaping them into a basic plan and setting goals. What’s your core concept, what kind of world do your characters inhabit? What is it about your story that is unreal and how do you make it realistic?
• Story Elements: Creating Characters. How to make them distinctive, identifiable, memorable and use them to steer your readers’ emotions.

Module 2
• Writing Stage: Setting a Routine. Where, when and how to sit down and write.
• Story Elements: Creating a Location or Setting. Your characters are defined by their environment, and they affect it in turn. Think ecology, with everything connected, affecting everything else.

Module 3
• Writing Stage: Writing and Re-Writing. Write it, read it, fix it, write some more.
• Story Elements: Establishing a Problem – the Key to a Plot. Structure, suspense and how to pace your story. Find the emotional spikes, the peaks of excitement, the pivotal situations that will provoke different emotions. If your problem is something that doesn’t exist in the real world, how do you make it emotionally compelling?

Module 4
• Writing Stage: Getting Published. How to pitch, how publishers make decisions and what to expect from the process.
• Story Elements: Atmosphere, Pace. Being deliberate about your scene-setting and storytelling technique.

Module 5
• Writing Stage: Editing and Production. How it works and what to expect from your editor, designer and the production process.
• Story Elements: Language – Narrative, Description and Dialogue. How do you make your characters sound real? How do you choose a voice? And what is a ‘voice’ anyway?

Module 6
• Promotion and the Writing Business. Okay, so you’re published, you’ve made a start in this mad career . . . now what? Discussing conventions, festivals and other events.
• World-Building and Adaptable Concepts. Thinking big and being adaptable. Going beyond the story to explore other options.

Writing science fiction and fantasy is the fiction of fiction. We write about what isn’t or can’t be real, so we have to work harder to make readers believe.

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