Creative Writing Course for 10-12 Year Olds

Nicola Pierce published her first book for young readers, Spirit of the Titanic, to rave reviews and five printings within its first twelve months. City of Fate, her second novel, about WWII’s Battle of Stalingrad, was shortlisted for the Warwickshire School Library Service Award. Behind the Walls, about the 1688-9 Siege of Derry, was published in 2015, a prequel to her 2016 novel, Kings of the Boyne, about the 1690 Battle of the Boyne, which has been shortlisted for the 2017 LAI (Literary Association Ireland) Children’s Book Award. She is currently working on a short history book, for older readers, about the Titanic which is due out April 2018.

Next course starts on 13th March 2018

Price: €130

Duration: six weeks

Course is strictly limited to 10 participants. Suitable for 10-12 year old students.

In this creative writing course for 10-12 year olds you’ll work on weekly assignments and your tutor will give you one-to-one written feedback on each assignment.

Module 1: Telling Your Story

We’ll explore the different ways of narrating, or telling, a story: looking at writing in the first person – the ‘I did/I said’ – voice; the second person – ‘you did/you said’ voice – and, finally, the third person – ‘he said/she did’ – voice. Also, guess what, you don’t have to have a person narrate your story, you could use something else.

Module 2: Structuring Your Story

Let’s think about writing a beginning, a middle and an ending. Or is the ending the beginning? How about using a prologue or letters or diary entries? What about the tense, are you writing about something that is happening right now, or happened yesterday or is happening tomorrow? Maybe you want to switch back and forth?

Module 3: Meet Your Characters

Who are they? Where do they come from? Why are they here? And how are you going to introduce them to your readers? Do you have to like them? Does anyone have to like them?

Module 4: Whose Plot Is It Anyway?

To plan or not to plan? What lies ahead for your characters? How to keep your reader engaged? For starters, you need a good first line and, then, there’s the journey, the obstacle and the happy/sad/ ending … or something like that.

Module 5: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!

One of the few rock-solid rules: never ever try to tell a reader exactly what to think about your characters. You got a villain in your story, well, prove it using dialogue, body language and your other characters.

Module 6: The Joy Of Re-Writing

Some writers enjoy it, some writers hate it but we all have to do it. How to re-read your work and recognise the oodles and oodles of mistakes. Don’t worry, this will involve my sharing some of my many mistakes, when the books were just shabby manuscripts.

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